Mission for International Peace and Friendship
“I had so much fun that I want to rewind the world back to yesterday so we can all do it all over again and again and one more until I’m worn out.” – Fatima, Pupil

A learning adventure

RocketWorld is an intercultural learning adventure for 7-11 year olds. Day visits to schools involve a giant inflatable Earth with NASA satellite imagery and volunteers from over 10 different countries. The children take part in a mission for international peace and friendship and must fly around the giant world in imaginary rockets visiting the volunteers from different countries. The project is designed to give children a positive experience with people from other countries at an early age and encourage openness and curiosity about other cultures. It aims to help tackle intolerance, prejudice and racism by dispelling fear and ignorance through fun and adventure.

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“I just wanted to say that I had wonderful time volunteering yesterday and I think this initiative is absolutely incredible. Thank you for this unique experience.” – Volunteer, 2014


Thank you for your interest in becoming a RocketWorld volunteer and visiting a primary school in Greater Manchester to help promote international peace and friendship.

To volunteer for a visit you need to be free on one of the Mission Dates.

On that date the group of volunteers meet at the International Society at 8.00am and return from their mission by 4.30pm – so you will need to be available for most of the day if you are interested in taking part.

Transport and lunch are provided for all volunteers.

The majority of international volunteers are international students but we have also had many volunteers from different ethnic community groups in the city. British volunteers are also welcome to get involved.

To volunteer for a date please complete the Volunteer Form.

“I had a lovely time at RocketWorld. It was the BEST day ever! xxx” – Aditi, Pupil

The Blue Marble

The RocketWorld EarthBall is the largest touring EarthBall in the world.

Made by the company Orbis the NASA Blue Marble imagery represents the most visually authentic global view of Planet Earth ever created, combining NASA’s newest generation of satellite imaging with Orbis’s cutting-edge globe-making technology. The resulting creation represents a new level of global cartography – highly photorealistic world globes, enabling millions of would-be space travellers to experience the astronauts’ perspective of observing our home planet from outer space.

All RocketWorld visits to schools include the EarthBall.

If you are interested in hiring the EarthBall it is available for private hire from £350 per day. This includes a member of staff to set up, take down and look after the EarthBall during the day.

“Thank you for coming and I had a brilliant day. I had lots of fun and it was great having you here. I wish you could come again I enjoy meeting you and it was very exciting to go to Japan, Nigeria, Romania, Germany, Zimbabwe, Cameroon and all the countries were fantastic.” – Sarah, Pupil
“On behalf of the children and staff at Ashton West End Primary School I would like to thank you and the students for an enjoyable and educational day.The children had a wonderful day not only from their involvement in the activities but the opportunity which they had to meet the students and to learn about the different countries and experience something about their culture” – Mr Micah Cummings, Headteacher, Ashton West End Primary School


RocketWorld was launched in 2010 as a development of the International Society’s International 16 project which has been visiting schools and festivals since 2001.

The International Society is an independent non-profit organisation in Greater Manchester which works to support international students, promote international friendship and celebrate cultural diversity.  It currently has over 5,000 members from 120 different countries.

RocketWorld has been funded by the HSBC’s Global Education Trust and gives children the chance to fly around the world in imaginary rockets. The children visit international students and members of community groups from different countries to learn about their different cultures and languages.

The centrepiece is a 10ft high inflatable earth with NASA satellite imagery which sits in the centre of the school hall on a rotating base. The children’s mission is to set the world spinning again by bringing peace and friendship to the different countries.

If your school would like to host RocketWorld we generally require the main hall from 9.00am to 3.15pm and at least two teachers/assistants to help monitor the children. We are currently focusing on 7-9 year olds but we have run the project with children up to the age of 11. We would normally see about 50-60 children (2 classes) in the morning (9.30am-11.15am) and another 50-60 in the afternoon (1.30pm-3.15pm). The project can provide an excellent focal point for an International Week or Wonderful World Week at a primary school.

Each visit includes a RocketWorld passport for every child.

For many of the international student volunteers taking part in the project it is their first time in a UK school and a valuable experience . Between 10 and 14 volunteers attend the school on any one day and all receive full training before the visit.

For more information please contact us via the School Enquiry Form.


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The International Society is a registered charity. Our Charity Commission number is 521248.


The International Society has been promoting international friendship and celebrating cultural diversity since 1966.

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