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RocketWorld is an intercultural learning adventure for 7-11 year olds. Day visits to schools involve a giant inflatable Earth with NASA satellite imagery and volunteers from over 10 different countries. The children take part in a mission for international peace and friendship and must fly around the giant world in imaginary rockets visiting the volunteers from different countries. The project is designed to give children a positive experience with people from other countries at an early age and encourage openness and curiosity about other cultures. It aims to help tackle intolerance, prejudice and racism by dispelling fear and ignorance through fun and adventure.

Bee Hippy Happy

Bee Hippy Happy is a new project aimed at 5 and 6 year olds. The children pretend to be bees and buzz around the world visiting different countries and gathering flower and flag stickers as they travel. Like RocketWorld this project aims to encourage openness and curiosity about other cultures through fun, positive experiences.

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Earth Asylum

Earth Asylum is a new project for secondary schools. It gives young people the chance to meet refugees and asylum seekers from different countries and hear their stories and experiences. The project raises awareness of the reasons for migration, difficulty of designing UK immigration policies and making decisions about whether people can live in the UK or not.  By giving the pupils the opportunity to listen to and question real life stories and engage face to face with people involved in these situations, the project aims to increase awareness of issues surrounding human migration, encourage global thinking and tackle prejudice through greater understanding.

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