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The International Society is an independent, not-for-profit organisation based in Greater Manchester supported by the city’s Universities. We have been promoting international friendship and celebrating cultural diversity in the city since 1966.


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We are here to help you make the most of your life in Manchester!

The International Society is the best place for you to make new friends from all over the world. We aim to provide a warm welcome to everyone who visits. Our trips, classes, events, activities and volunteering opportunities are open to all. 





Travel with us to some of the most beautiful and interesting locations around England, Scotland and Wales.   

Language Classes

We run a range of fun, friendly and affordable language classes throughout the year. 

Weekly Socials

Meet new friends and catch up over tea, coffee and board games every Wednesday & Friday.

Social Events

Our social events are aimed at creating spaces where people from all over the world can meet, make friends and explore each other’s cultures. 

Countryside Walks

Go on walks in the countryside with  Anna and Andrew, our volunteers who have been leading walks for members for nearly 15 years. 


Volunteer to represent your country at a local school and promote international friendship and diversity. 

International 16

Each year the project brings together 16 students from 16 different countries to share stories about the lives and cultures. 

Families Group

Our Families’s group offer a warm and supportive atmosphere for the partners and children of students. 

Hospitality Scheme

Experience British Family life with our host families. Many friendships formed have lasted years after the student have returned home. 

Latest Update December 2021

It’s almost that time of the year! Have you checked out our upcoming Christmas Activities? Come along and join in on our events and day trips. Our activities are a great way for you to meet new friends and gain a new experince while in Uni. 

Our Overnight trips are back next Spring term 2022. Please check out our upcoming trips here if you would like to visit many beautiful places in the UK.

You can find us at our Online Community here. If you require additional support, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at info@internationalsociety@org.uk or message us via our social media channels.

Weekend Trips

Come with us and discover beautiful places around the UK! Some of the places we visit includes York, Lake District, Oxford, North Wales, Edinburgh and Bath. 

Language Classes

Always wanted to learn another language? We run a range of language classes throughout the year. Languages includes English, Spanish, French, Mandarin and more. 


Our events are a great way for you to make new friends from all over the world. They include our Weekly Socials, Speed Friending, Games Nights, Quiz Nights, Live Music Nights, Language Exchange and more.


home away from home

Beautiful memories from our members.

“This was one of the most important parts of my university experience because it was so enriching to meet so many people from everywhere in the world. As the years passed by, it became like my second home.” 

Camila Carelli, Brazil

“Super friendly and homey environment with amazing experience of various diverse cultures including food and activities. It offered me the best time of my uni life and I met my best friend there!”

Ei Ei Moe, Myanmar

“The Society did become my second home. I don’t think I can imagine being a student here without going to the Society or at least knowing the Society.”

Leon de Hoog, The Netherlands

“In the Society in general, I could find the family and support that I was needing. Any time I would come, I would find people who are so smiley and everyone looks so friendly and so happy just being here. It’s like a really huge family with amazing people.”

Pablo Millan Carbonell, Spain

“I didn’t know that I could connect with people from these different countries. You connect on so many different levels and you become the best friends that you never knew you could become.”

Muna Al Fayez, Jordan

“It’s not just different people from different countries. It’s about different personalities and different perspective of lives. I have definitely gained lifelong friends that I would keep wherever I go.”

Beverly Langat, Kenya


We are open to all.

Students and non-students can become members of the Society. All members receive discounts on our trips, language classes and events as well as access to our free membeer only events and activities.

Membership is FREE to students and staff of University of Manchester.

Trips, language classes and events are also open to non-members.


Due to the pandemic and social distancing guidelines, we have move most of events online. We have created a space online where our members can meet and still stay connected. 

Join our International Students in Manchester Facebook Group to chat with other members and share tips with each other.


The International Society is supported

by The University of Manchester and University of Manchester Students’ Union.

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International Society,

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Our offfice is located at the ground floor of University of Manchester’s Students’ Union.

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The International Society is a registered charity. Our Charity Commision number is 521248.

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