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Our school projects launched in 2010 as a development of the International Society’s International 16 project which has been visiting schools and festivals since 2001. Our school projects are funded by the HSBC’s Global Education Trust and gives children the chance to meet international students and members of community groups from different countries to learn about their different cultures and languages.

The project can provide an excellent focal point for an International Week or Wonderful World Week at a primary school.

For many of the international student volunteers  it is their first time in a UK school and a valuable experience . Between 10 and 14 volunteers attend the school on any given day and all receive full training before the visit.

On the day

The centrepiece is a 10ft high inflatable earth with NASA satellite imagery which sits in the centre of the school hall on a rotating base. If your school would like to host one of our projects we generally require the main hall from 9.00am to 3.15pm and at least two teachers or assistants to help monitor the children.

We are currently focusing on 7-9 year olds but we have run the project with children up to the age of 11. We would normally see about 50-60 children (2 classes) in the morning (9.30am-11.15am) and another 50-60 in the afternoon (1.30pm-3.15pm).

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